For several years I had suggested a hiking tour in England. This comes of reading too many English novels that feature romantic and scenic walks through the English countryside. Finally the stars aligned and Jim & I signed up for a Road Scholar hiking tour of the Cotswolds and Cornwall.

As is often the case, "the unexpected" was what made the trip memorable. Usually when I put together our pictures from a trip – in fact often while on the trip and selecting which pictures to take, I have a narrative in mind. This time no overarching narrative developed. It was much more compare and contrast: techniques of dry-stacked stone walls, varying sheep's tails, styles of stiles (as one of our fellow hikers put it), etc. And, of course, the intimacy that can be found by walking rather than rushing through a countryside in a bus or car – or even on a bicycle! Plus you can go more places than you can on a horse.

The trip, arranged through Road Scholar, was organized and led by Footpath Holidays, a British company that provides support for guided walks throughout the UK. They did a great job, as will be seen, by providing knowledgeable guides and speakers, choosing comfortable and convenient inns, and selecting scenic and varied routes. We were also blessed with a very congenial group of fellow travelers. Even the notoriously drizzly English weather cooperated ... for the most part.

Come along with us as we "Walk the English Countryside." For a quick trip, check out the overview or join us day by day.