After many years of traveling on PVS-sponsored trips, Jim and I decided to try leading a trip ourselves. Although we had never been "apprentice" trip leaders as required by the club guidelines, we figured that leading the PVS contingent of a Blue Ridge Ski Council trip would be a relatively easy way to get our feet wet, and the ExCom agreed. Besides, we wanted to ski Chamonix and no one else was interested in leading that trip. How hard could it be?


I hope the participants enjoyed the experience, but from our perspective it was a nightmare and we never attempted to lead another. Of the many calamities the worst was the terrorist attack on 11 September 2001. Although the effects on a ski trip might not be obvious, a cascade of airline and related travel support company bankruptcies haunted us until the day we arrived home – and beyond!

There are a couple of ways to follow us on our trip. I've tried to make the narrative a complete summary, but I've used many links to other web sites to provide additional details and sometimes pictures. You can either stick with the basic narrative or explore the various links. At the time this album was created the links were all valid, but the WWW is in constant flux and that can change.

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