Some of our cohort that have not yet been pictured.

Apres-ski party

PVS trips always include several après ski parties. These are typically held in the trip leaders' room, but our room was quite small and it would have been far too cozy. We were thankful that Wilma and Gene Sharer offered their room and BALCONY for the festivities,

L-R: Wilma, Marianne Hines, Nat Seeman & Genee Boykin.

Beer blast

BRSC trips always include a number of joint activities as well. PVSers here are...

L-R: Reg Heichue, Charles Boykin, Jean Heichue, Glade Flake & Gene Sharer.


Pat Tengel.


I can't say adieu to Chamonix without one of our favorite memories from this troubled excursion. The bumpersticker on this car's window reads "In tarteflette we trust." Amen!

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