Our travel plans for 2011 included a Road Scholar trip called Voyages to Antiquity. -- a cruise to the eastern Mediterranean. When many of the ports of call (Tunisia, Syria, Jordan and Egypt) exploded during the "Arab Spring," we felt it would be a good time to stick closer to home. We switched our trip to the Grand Canyon. It was an excellent choice and reminds us that many US destinations should be higher on our wish list.

Another benefit of this outing was the opportunity to visit kinfolk in Kansas, but that wasn't just family time -- we did plenty of sight-seeing too.

There are several ways you can follow our trip. You may simply page through the pictures, or take the time to read the narrative, or explore deeper by following the embedded links. I've tried to find informative and reputable sites that duplicate the information we received from our guides and that look like they will be around for a while. At the time I created this album the links were all valid. I hope they stay that way.

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