Once we broke the logjam of visiting Philadelphia in 2014, we're almost making it a habit by returning in 2017 and now in 2019. The reason for the trip this year was Jim's 52nd reunion at Drexel University.

I didn't take my camera on this trip because I didn't want to lug it around. I have been experimenting with cell phone pictures. Meh. I'm now in the market for a "real" camera that is smaller with better focusing than the one I've been using over the past few years.

The trip got off to a cliff-hanger start. We were taking the Amtrak Northeast Regional from Charlottesville. Since our train left early in the morning, we spent the night in Charlottesville intending to leave the car at the hotel and take a taxi to the station. The taxi didn't show! After several frantic phone calls, we decided to drive. We made it to train station with minutes to spare and found that the parking kiosk was not functioning! Abandoning the car as the conductor called "All aboard," Jim noted the number posted on the kiosk. When he called the number to report our predicament, he was told to call "Piedmont Parking." What is the number? They didn't know! It wasn't until we reached Philadelphia and asked Amtrak Customer Service that we were able to get through to the parking company. Even longer story short: we finally paid for the parking over the phone. But would the car be waiting for us when we returned? Stay tuned....

There are a couple of ways to follow us on our trip. I've tried to make the narrative a complete summary, but I've used many links to other web sites to provide additional details and sometimes pictures. You can either stick with the basic narrative or explore the various links. At the time this album was created the links were all valid, but the WWW is in constant flux and that can change. If you encounter broken links, please send us some email.

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