For the past several years my church, Lexington Presbyterian, has rented a house for one of the Worship & Music Conferences held at the Montreat Conference Center in the North Carolina mountains near Asheville.

As I was growing up my mother drove from Mississippi to Montreat every summer with her friends for a Women of the Church conference. One year none of her friends could attend and she was unable to drive on her own. Even though she was terrified of flying, the thought of not visiting Montreat was enough to get her onto a plane for the first time. After that trip, she ended up travelling all over the world.

I had to see this place! In 2014 I was able to join the LexPres group and attend. We were: Pat Browning, Ron Downey & Nancy Whiteley, Sarah Hill, Bill & Deb Klein, Amy Oblinger, myself (Mary Ellena Ward), and John & Barbara Winfrey. It was a fabulous experience!

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