After graduating from college in 1969 I needed to find a job. Finding that a liberal arts degree wasn't the best qualification, I enrolled in a local business college in my hometown of Vicksburg, MS. I became friends with Ginger Allen and Priscilla Kerst, who were in the same predicament. We settled in to learn typing, bookkeeping and even shorthand – marketable skills.

Ginger aspired to move to DC to work on "The Hill." I wanted to head to any large city somewhere other than the deep South, so we agreed to head together to Washington. I don't recall what Priscilla's immediate plans were, but the last I heard of her she was in Colorado. Ginger left Washington after a few years and moved to California. We reconnected via Facebook in 2014 and she is now in Houston. Dave Bastian, Ginger's boyfriend at the time of our trip, was in Maryland at last sighting. I was the one who stayed in the DC area until retiring.

But that was later. Back in 1969 Ginger, Dave, Priscilla and I decided to celebrate our newly-minted business degrees with a road trip to Mexico. For reasons that weren't clear to me at the time and are less so now fifty years later, Vicksburg was a favored location for young Mexican women to get an international business credential. I think some of our Mexican colleagues encouraged us to head south of the border.

My pictures started life as 35mm slides -- some of questionable quality. It took three tries before I found a place that made acceptable copies of them all. I can now recommend DigMyPics. These were the only record that I had of the trip until September, 2019, when I found a copy of a description that Dave had written. I am updating my own memories with some of his.

There are a couple of ways to follow us on our trip. I've tried to make the narrative a complete summary, but I've used many links to other web sites to provide additional details and sometimes pictures. You can either stick with the basic narrative or explore the various links. At the time this album was created the links were all valid, but the WWW is in constant flux and that can change. If you encounter broken links, please send us some email.

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