For the past several years I've enjoyed occasional forays into genealogical research. It's a great way to learn history and make it personal. Plus it is living proof that truth is stranger than fiction.

Of course, it also shows how fiction can creep into the historical record. There was some persistent misinformation that had to be identified to get at the facts. It's often hard to separate wishful thinking from truth. I've tried to make sure that everything that eventually gets posted here has contemporary documentary support - or is otherwise identified as uncertain.

My ancestors have turned out to be remarkable people. I'm sure most, if not all families, have similar backgrounds of adventure and tragedy. I'm happy to be able to bring some of them to life.

The following is organized by family line. Pieces will be filled in as they become available.

M. Emmett Ward, Jr.

Ward     Gayden

Ellena Cutrer Ward

Cutrer    Lewis