We had traveled to Sun Valley with PVS in 1994 and enjoyed it very much. When the Blue Ridge Ski Council scheduled its Winter Carnival in Sun Valley in 1999, we were ready to return. It was fun the second time around too! I didn't take nearly as many pictures, so if you want to see more of the area, check the earlier trip.

One of our classic skiing memories is associated with this trip. One day Jim didn't want to ski and I somehow missed connections with our PVS buddies so I was skiing by myself. I rode up one of the chairs with a couple of young men who worked at the ski area and we had a good chat. One was a piano player at the River Run base lodge. He was explaining what he did, when I helpfully commented, "Oh yes, like at Nordstoms." His buddy howled with laughter at this put down, as he viewed it, of his friend's ability. I told them that a more proper response would have been to deprecate my musical taste. We had a good laugh and I didn't think any more about it.

I am still wearing the vivid blue one-piece ski suit that I had on this trip. It makes it easy to pick me out on the mountain. For the rest of that trip I would occasionally ski near a lift and hear someone shout: "Nooorrrrddddstrom's!"

Swanky lodge

Sun Valley is probably the poshest ski resort we have ever visited. Deer Valley has an even posher reputation, but its still on our to-do list. This is the River Run Lodge where my piano playing lift pal works.

We made sure to come hear him play one afternoon. MUCH better than at Nordstroms!


Either the weather got warmer or I decided to switch to spring togs to go incognito.

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