Baby Kimber

Lu Parbery, Kimber's breeder, let me have this picture of a very young Kimber with her mother "Dolly," or Knollwood Helvah.

I found Kimber by stopping at a house for sale in Vienna, VA, with a "horse conveys" sign. Who could resist?

Kimber & Jim

Here's a picture of a three-year-old Kimber at her new home, Angelica Run Farm, in Vienna. Both Kimber and Jim look young and trim.

The corn in the background reminds me that the owners of Angelica Run, Dave & Patty Icke, would invite us over to eat corn that was minutes from the garden. Yummy!

Mary & Kimber

Within a few years, we were all transferred to Northern California.

Kimber's new home was at Full House Farm in Los Altos Hills.

We had access to miles and miles of riding trails in the Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve and we took full advantage of the opportunity.

MAJ Sunrise, Kimber's daughter, was born and grew up here - a typical California girl.

Kimber & Sunrise

Baby Sunrise leads her mother a merry chase.
When Sunrise was very young I accustomed her to being left with a calm companion while her mom and I would hit the trails. Kimber would always breathe a sigh of relief to turn her back on the brat.

Later I'd pony Sunrise out with us.

Eventually Sunrise and I would hit the trails together, but she never had the same "let's see what's behind the next bend" attitude as her mother.

Snowy Kimber

After six years we all returned to Virginia - to our own Termineigh Farm.

Kimber preferred to be out and about - even in the snow.

Sunrise kept her mom company, but was always happy to get back into shelter again. I'm sure she was homesick for California.

Final day

Eventually we moved to Lexington, Virginia, and Kimber and Sunrise took up a new residence at beautiful Windward Farm in Glasgow, VA.

But nothing lasts forever - not even our good friends. After many years and arthritis brought on by Lyme disease, Kimber became too weak to get up by herself.

It was time for her to receive the wings that she could never again have in this world.

All her friends miss her gentle spirit.

Picture by Gerri Wenz

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