On Monday evening David and Melinda, accompanied by Dan, presented a concert for the townspeople and us students.


A record crowd turned out for a beautiful evening, rousing music, and the scenery by the lake.

Set up

Getting organized.

David Gardner

David in a soulful moment. He has a beautiful voice and frequently accompanies himself singing. It's harder than you might think!

Melinda Crawford Perttu

In the low light, it was hard to get a picture of Melinda that wasn't completely blurred by movement. At least in this one, it's only her bow arm indicating the energy behind her playing.

Annika & Fiona

Melinda played a set with tunes she wrote for her daughters Annika and Fiona. The two of them were especially hard to capture since they were in perpetual motion.

She has also written a tune about the pair of them called the Selkie Sisters. Selkies in Scottish folklore are seals who can take on human form. Annika and Fiona love their bathtime!

Ken & Gay Crawford

After the concert, "music product" CDs and a variety of Strathgheny items were on offer. Melinda's parents Ken & Gay staffed the goodie table.

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