Narrow city streets don't lend themselves to pictures of entire buildings, but I captured many decorative elements.

Decorative Element

Fanciful female figures were common.


I think many of our group were expecting a more typically French style of Art Nouveau.

One of the principles of Art Nouveau is that it embraces all of the various arts. We were sorry that there were no opportunities to visit inside spaces of the buildings. It is likely, however, that during the years the country was occupied by the Soviets and Germans, war and oppression had inflicted enough damage that there are few preserved interiors.

Many of the buildings we saw were still being restored.


Lions seemed to be ubiquitous on this trip. This one has wings.

Several buildings we saw, including this one, were designed by Mikhail Eisenstein, the father of the Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein. We viewed two of his films, Battleship Potemkin and October, in preparation for this trip.

Empty floor

This building has an extra floor. Our guide said that there had been much speculation as to the intent. Perhaps a rooftop garden was once planned?


Intriguing courtyard.

Jugendstil Doorway

Intimidating dragons!

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