There weren't many motorcycles at the show. I chatted with one of the exhibitors who said that there had been quite a few in 2017. He was disappointed that there weren't more.

Antique Manual

The manual looks older than the motorcycle.


It has a Honda nameplate but doesn't look like any Honda I can find online. A lot of custom design work went into this one -- especially the engine!

Trikes are becoming increasingly popular. Typically the two wheels are in the rear.


The Polaris Slingshot may or may not be a motorcycle depending on what state you're in.

A full-size skeleton adorned the driver's seat wearing a Batman hat and a t-shirt that read: "If you're single, so am I."

It's almost Halloween.


A more traditional trike with just as much attitude.


This one didn't appear to be entered into any classes, but I had to include it.

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