All good things must come to an end and our travels are no exception. After breakfast we loaded into our bus for the trip across three islands to the airport for our flight back to Edinburgh. Jim and I had originally planned some afternoon excursions there on our own, but we elected to rest instead.

Witch and Giant

We took the "scenic" route back over the mountain on our way to Streymoy. One of the sights was the other side of the "witch and giant" stacks that we had seen from Tjørnuvík.

Fossa Waterfall

The Fossa Waterfall on Streymoy was more spectacular from Eysturoy because we could now see its full extent. Although the dry weather we had been experiencing diminished the flow, I couldn't regret it.


The Streymin Bridge, built in the 1970s, connects Streymoy and Eysturoy. Before the bridge it took a ferry to travel from one island to the other.

The water under the bridge is not a lake, river or fjord; it is the North Atlantic. When the tide turns the rush of water from one side to the other is fierce!

Construction is underway to build a tunnel between the two islands. (The discussion at the link is comprehensive.) It will be located much nearer Tórshavn and has already driven up housing prices in the south of Eysturoy because the commute into the city will be shortened to minutes. There is already a tunnel connecting Streymoy and Vagar islands.


Our flight to Edinburgh was uneventful (the best kind) and we were back in time for lunch. I was happy to be reunited with my fiddle and determined that I was going to give my first public solo performance. I spent the afternoon practicing and choosing a small selection of tunes.

Scottish Fiddle

I went down early to set up. My plan was to play while our travellers gathered for our private dinner. That seemed like it wasn't imposing on a captive audience too much.

Everyone said they enjoyed it and I choose to believe them. It was certainly a big step for me, but I was very happy to share this beautiful and distinctive music.

I thank Esther Perica for this picture.


We said good-bye to our new friends and flew home the next morning. It was a fabulous trip, but as always -- coming home is the best part!

I captured this sunset from the back porch about a month after our return.

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