Our Zodiac cruise took us past a number of impressive and whimsical icebergs. Here are some images.

Bear bergThe hole in this berg was apparently formed by two ice sheets colliding and buckling. The outline of the sheet on the left suggests the head of a polar bear facing up and to the right. We saw several bears sampling the air in just this pose.

Zodiacs and icebergs

The Zodiacs are dwarfed by the surrounding bergs. You wouldn't want to be within range if one of these monsters split or rolled over.

Wolf berg

Anther jumble of icebergs.

The highest segment in the center right of the picture suggests the head of a wolf facing right with his two ears standing up and his nose sniffing the air.

Arched iceberg

Arches in icebergs seem to be fairly common.

The Zodiac-shape in the arch is NOT a Zodiac.

Monkey berg

This berg suggests a monkey's face looking left.

It's better than watching clouds on a summer's day.

Puzzle berg

This one doesn't suggest anything to me, does it to you? It's a great shape, though. I love the little top-knot.

Catapillar berg

Just another pretty berg.

Piranesi berg

This is as convoluted as a Piranesi prison although not as dark.

Lincoln Berg

The berg on the right resembles a profile of Abraham Lincoln.

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