I didn't care to ski on Monday, our last day. I had gone up on Sunday afternoon to take pictures of sunny slopes and had been sufficiently turned off by the hardpack and crowds (relatively speaking) that the next day with even more crowds and flatter light, at least in the morning, held no appeal. Jim and I, therefore, decided to explore downtown Girdwood in more detail.

But first we have to get back from our day in Anchorage.

Sunset at Turnagain Arm

When we first left Anchorage on our way back to Girdwood there was significant fog over the sea. Our bus driver had promised to stop to allow some pictures that weren't snapped through a window, but she was concerned that this was as clear as it would get.

As you'll see, it did get clearer and we stopped again, but the sun setting over the fog is pretty cool too.

Turnagain Arm Sunset 2

As we proceeded down the highway the fog pulled away from the road. I wish I had a video image of the way that the brash ice was swirling in the movement of the tide.

Sunset at Turnagain Arm

This picture was at almost the same location looking back toward the sunset.

Turnagain Arm

We had to get back to the hotel, so there were no more stops. This is another through-the-window shot. The tide must have peaked and this cove was also sheltered from any wind. The water was as smooth as a mirror.

A lone hiker was lost in the beauty.

Glacier Creek, Girdwood, AK

For our final day's exploration, we took the shuttle into town. It isn't a long walk from the hotel, but the walking trails were treacherous with ice.

In order to get to the bridge overlooking Glacier Creek on the edge of town, Jim and I veerrryyy carefully inched along the icy trail.

There were cross-country ski tracks along the creek. We wondered if there would be any open water in a year with normal winter weather.

I love the mountain peeking through the clouds.

Crow Creek Mercantile, Girdwood, AK

The Crow Creek Mercantile is the go-to shop in Girdwood. Anything you can't get there must be sought in Anchorage or Seward.

One quirky feature is that there are separate entrances into two different "stores." One sells groceries, dry goods, etc. The other sells alcohol. The checkout area is located between them so that the staff can serve both "stores."

Crow Creek is on the opposite side of town from Glacier Creek pictured above.

Girdwood Laundromall

As a sign says, the Girdwood "Laundromall" has been "voted #1 in America." In addition to washing machines and dryers it also offers hair styling, showers, food, beer and a massage therapist.

Jim really enjoyed doing laundry there on Sunday while I attended the nearby church and was pleased to give me the guided tour.


How many Laundromats have you visited that had a star chart painted on the ceiling?

Stained Glass

And stained glass displays?

Mt. Alyeska

After visiting the "main" Girdwood post office (there is a branch PO?!?) to mail some postcards, we had lunch at the Chair 5 restaurant. Our table had this beautiful overview of the ski area.

Afterwards we took our last shuttle ride before departing that evening.

Even though the skiing was pretty sorry we had a wonderful time on our Alaskan adventure. Many thanks to Kerry and Marianne Hines for putting the trip together and to our fellow travellers for making it all fun!

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