This was Jink's 30th anniversary session. I don't think it has been held at Valle Crucis for all those years, but its been there for quite a while.

The setting is lovely. This year mild weather meant living without air conditioning wasn't a problem. Staying here is like stepping back into time.

Valley Crucis Conference Center - Inn

Most of us stayed in the Inn. The porch is lined with rocking chairs. It attracts a crowd waiting for the dinner bell to ring.

Waiting for dinner

Although alcohol isn't available from the conference center, folks are welcome to bring their own ... and are happy to share.

Valle Crucis Dining Hall

The dining hall isn't the only focus of activity, but the food was delicious and all meals were well-attended. I don't think anyone could possibly go hungry.

Valle Crucis Dinner BellMealtimes were announced by ringing the dinner bell. It would start a minor stampede.

Valle Crucis Mealtime

There was always plenty and to spare.

We were the largest group at the center that week, but there were other groups as well.

Valle Crucis Apple Barn

Another focal point of our stay was the Apple Barn. Level 2 met here and also many of our group lessons. This was also the location of our ball and ceildh.

The building in the background is the "Mission House," which was another place where Jinkers bunked. The difference between the Mission House and the Inn is that jams are not only allowed but expected at the Mission House. Some lasted into the wee hours. The Inn, on the other hand, had no music after the evening sessions.

Valle Crucis - Crab Orchard Hall

Level 1 lessons and the Jink store are located in Crab Orchard Hall. Its porch was another popular place to hang out – shady and usually with a nice breeze.

The Apple Barn, Crab Orchard Hall and Mission House are at the bottom of a significant hill. The Inn and Dining Hall are at the top. There was plenty of exercise for those who chose to walk, which most did.

Bishop Johnson Hall

Even higher than the Dining Hall was Bishop Johnson's Hall. The Level 3 & 4 lessons plus some of the lectures were held here.

The couple walking up the road are on their way to the waterfall. On most days there were many folks visiting.

Holy Cross Church

The Conference Center is owned and operated by the Episcopal Diocese. Holy Cross Church is located on the site.

Valle Crucis Bishop Ives' Cabin

Rev. Levi Ives was an early settler in the area and gave the valley its name. He established the church and an associated monastic order. This cabin is the last of the original buildings and now serves at the church library.

It stands right across the access road from the church pictured above.