There are, however, many other options for entertainment than skiing at Snowmass. One of the excursions was for a sleigh ride on the grounds of St. Benedict's Monastery. (As I was checking out the links in 2023, I notice that the monastery is in the process of closing.)


I asked and was told they were Percherons -- although quite small ones. The two other horses in the hitch were Belgians.

Full Sleigh

Our full group: Dave, Sharon, Jacques, Serge, Liz, Alice, Gene, Roland, Lorraine, Wilma, Pat, Barb, Fred, Nancy, Jim, Ray, Me, Ellen and the driver. What happened to Edith?! She must be tucked behind someone.

Waiting for the sleigh

Part-way through the ride we stopped at a small tent where we could enjoy some hot chocolate and cookies.  L-R: Serge, Jim, Fred, Lorraine, Edith, Gene, Wilma, Pat & Jacques.

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