Iguazu TrainOne day some of us made an expedition to the head of the falls. The trip started with an open train through the rain forest to the embarkation point.


Unlike the powerful Zodiacs used at the base of the falls, we rode across to the viewing platform in a little putt-putt that didn't seem adequate to keep us from getting swept over the edge. We had to wear life jackets although one of our group quipped that if he fell in or the motor failed, he'd rather drown BEFORE going over the falls!

To be sure the current at the top didn't seem that strong – probably because of the breadth of the river.

Devil's Throat Overlook

After the putt-putt ride, we clambered onto a walkway that took us to the edge of the falls. The noise was tremendous!

Top of Devil's ThroatThe top of the cataract is a short drop to a shelf before the water plunges into the canyon.

Devil's Throat

These cataracts are in Brazil.

The World Waterfall Database of the top 100 waterfalls in the world lists Iguazú as the world's number one waterfall. I've not seen that many large waterfalls, but it is special!

Our trip home was somewhat eventful, but Ray and Nancy worked their magic with uncooperative airlines and we made it back! What a fabulous trip it was.

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