Colonia Uruguay

One day we loaded onto an enormous catamaran ferry for a trip across the Rio de la Plata to Colonia, Uruguay. Fellow PVSer Jacques Hadler was a naval architect. At the time he was in the process of doing a study of wake characteristics of various hull designs and was fascinated by the ferry and some of the design blueprints that were posted throughout the waiting room. He was disappointed that he couldn't talk his way into the engine room for a demonstration.

Colonia map

This map of Colonia made of decorated tile dates from 1767 -- rather different from the "You are here" sign in the shopping mall!

Colonia street

Over the years the town changed hands from Spanish to Portuguese and back again many times. As a result there are structures from different traditions. We were told that the gable-roofed buildings were Portuguese and the flat-roofed buildings were Spanish. Both types can be seen here. In some cases, older Portuguese houses had an upper story added in the Spanish style.

Colonia was a fascinating place. I'm sorry that we didn't have more time to spend there and that I don't have more pictures of it.

After returning to Buenos Aires, we prepared to leave for our visit to Iguazú Falls.

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