We have visited this wonderful museum many times. Here are pictures of plants (and one cat). The original slides are filed under 1989, but I'm pretty sure that they were from this visit. It may just have taken a while to get them developed.

Crested saguaro

The iconic saguaro cactus is tall with one or many arms, but occasionally a crested form will appear. This one looks like a hitchhiker!

Bad hair day!

I have not been able to identify this conical succulent or tree that really looks like it is having a bad hair day!

Possibly it is related to the taller plant in the background, which also has a thick trunk and spiny branches.


It's not a Joshua Tree although it looks similar. Nice contrast of shapes.

Prickly Pear

Prickly pears come in all kinds of shapes and sizes with varying flower colors.

This one is spiny.

Pink prickly pear

This one is not.

Hedgehog cactusThis lovely flower is called by the unlovely name of hedgehog cactus!

Globe mallow

One of the mallow family.


This cool cat is an ocelot.

Desert landscape

I'm always amazed at how green the Arizona desert landscape can be. Green, but unfriendly. Sometimes it seems like the cholla can jump out and grab you.

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