In addition to formal day trips to tourist sites, occasionally a group of us would get together for hikes to nearby attractions.

Lecher Falls

Lecher falls, Kochel

There were a number of scenic hikes near Kochel. One day I walked out with some friends to the Lecherfälle. It was a pretty significant plunge fall.

Lecher falls

This is the view of the creek just before it cascades over the rim.


Brenda, Dom & Bob enjoying a light picnic at the base of the falls.

It's nice to know that we girls didn't always dress up during that summer!



A view of Kochel from another of my favorite hikes.

This may have been the last time when I wasn't particularly worried about walking alone. I would walk out in the countryside and village rain or shine.



Another day trip saw us take a bus to Walchensee. This lake was not far from Kochelsee, but at a higher elevation. There was a power plant between the two lakes that used the height differential to generate electricity.

We used a chair lift to get to the top of the mountain, Herzogstand, between the two lakes.

It was a single chair and we sat sideways. It was designed for hikers, not skiers! It has since been replaced by a cable car.


The original plan was to go to the top of the mountain to visit a restaurant there and then take the chair lift back down. Some of us, however, decided to walk back to Kochel.

I'm not sure what we were thinking.


It was quite a long hike down off the mountain. I remember that I hadn't come prepared for a long walk -- in fact I was wearing thong sandals!

Kochel from Herzogstandweg

The afternoon crept along. We began to wonder if we would make it back in time for supper.


We didn't make it back in time for supper, as it happens. But at least we did get down before dark.

Ah youth!


A view of Herzogstand from Kochel, taken on another day, reminds me of how long that walk was! It is probably the most I've walked in one afternoon before or since.

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