Some day I'll get the professional pictures online of our wedding and reception. In the meantime, this small selection will have to do. I don't know who took the pictures so I don't know who to credit. My guess is that is one of the Pease cousins because they are featured subjects.

These are (not very good) scans of significantly discolored originals.



Rehearsal Party

The "rehearsal dinner" was scheduled as usual for the night before the wedding, even though the wedding itself was to be informal and there was nothing to rehearse. We had decided to get married in January because of the marriage penalty built into our tax code. Furthermore our honeymoon had already been planned for January.

As it happened the weather was awful with snow and ice. We didn't want to endanger our relatives any more than needed, so we decided to plan the party for my parents' room at the hotel. Jim and I picked up buckets of chicken at the nearby KFC. It was pretty informal, but everyone agreed that it was a lot more fun than most rehearsal dinners.

L-R: Cousin Betty Pease Hopkins, Aunt Lib Cutrer Pease, my mother Ellena Cutrer Ward, me, and cousin Jim Pease.

Emmett & Ellena Ward

The ceremony on the following day was not without some challenges, but we eventually got hitched and made it back to the hotel for the formal reception.

My parents: Emmett & Ellena Ward. The snow can be seen through the window behind them.

Wedding Cake

I had stipulated to the hotel that the guests who were not attending the ceremony be allowed to have at the buffet table even if we were late, which we were. At least they left us the cake and some of the food!

The cake had a story of its own. I was determined to have a spice cake instead of the usual bland white or yellow cake. We had to search all over Northern Virginia before finding a bakery that would produce one. When we finally found it, we were delighted when the baker even gave us several spicy options. We chose apple spice. It was really good.

We still have the wedding bell decoration somewhere as a memento.


L-R: Cousin Karen Dees Shannon, my brother Emmett Ward III, me & Amelia Dees, Karen's mother.

Joseph Dees, Karen's dad who was deceased by this time, was my father's first cousin.

Betty & Hop

Cousin Betty Pease Hopkins & husband Phil "Hop" Hopkins.

My brother and Hop were prep school classmates and he was the link that introduced these two. It worked out pretty well for these high school sweethearts.


Wedding cake servers

My mother is instructing the wedding cake servers, Bud & Carol Hopkins on their new duties. It looks finger-lickin' good!

Pam Hopkins

The Hopkins family was well-represented. The youngest attendee, Pam Hopkins, caught the bridal bouquet! Almost all of my friends were already married anyway so there weren't any disappointed bridesmaids.

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