Tiger Balm is an ointment that was originally developed in China. It is now marketed worldwide. At one time there were several Tiger Balm Gardens, including one in Hong Kong. One of our tours was to the garden. In the years since the garden was turned into an amusement park and then sold to developers. Only the main house and the private garden are retained as a museum.



Tiger Balm Garden

The garden was built on a steep hillside.

Again, my mother doesn't appear to have joined us for this excursion.

I must have forgotten my light meter or something because most of the Tiger Balm pictures are pretty dark.


The signature tiger.

The gardens were full of fanciful sculptures and decorations.

Tiger Balm

This colorful Phoenix shares a rock face with other mythical creatures.

Tiger Balm Pagoda

The pagoda was the most prominent part of the garden.

Tiger Balm Residence

The residence is apparently the only remaining building. It was build in the 1930s and is known as the Har Paw Mansion.

The buildings tucked into the trees on the hill opposite are residences.

Plans are afoot to turn the mansion into a music center.

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